29 January 2009

Wonton skin recipe

Since you asked, here's the recipe for the wonton skins I made. It is from the Joyce Chen Cookbook.

Wonton skins (recipe also used for egg roll skins and egg noodles)

2 c. flour
1 egg or egg white (I used the whole egg)
1/3 c. cold water

Beat the egg with water and add to flour. Stir thoroughly until well mixed. Knead for about 5 minutes into a stiff dough. Cover dough with a damp cloth and let set for at least 30 minutes.

This dough should be very stiff and after covering with a damp cloth the dough will be more smooth and softened a little. Since the dryness of the flour is influenced by the humidity of the weather, sometimes the flour has to be kept in a very dry place or it will not form together. You must then wet your hands, shaking off the excess water, and knead until the dough forms together. You may wet your hands for a second time but never over three times.

Put about 1 cup dry corn starch in a clean handkerchief or two layers of cheese cloth, tightening with string to flour the board and dough. [editor's note: dusting with cornstarch helped A LOT to keep the noodles from sticking to eachother.] If making noodles, divide the dough into four equal parts and form each into a round cake. Roll flat repeatedly until dough is very thin and about 12" in diameter. Flour both sides, then cut into about 1/16" wide strips. [editor: I used a KitchenAid pasta roller attachment, which worked great.]

To make egg roll and wonton skins, divide the dough into six pieces and follow the same procedure as for noodles. Roll out also to 12" in diameter which will make the skins thinner than the noodles. Cut the thin cake into four quadrants to make egg roll skins. Cut into nine even pieces for wonton skins.

Happy cooking!

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