09 February 2009

Blogging hiatus

This (probably temporary) blogging hiatus is brought to you by:
  • the need to make progress on my &*#@$ thesis,
[Editor's note: just sent off a manuscript to The Advisor. Hopefully in good enough shape to be submitted to A Journal for publication soon. Yay me!] I'm around, and will be back to post stuff as the urge strikes. But if it takes a little while, you know why.

06 February 2009

04 February 2009


As of today I am 27 years old.

No big, contemplative posts for you... I'm busy enjoying Doodle and the sunshine, and pondering what this year will bring.

Photo from Flickr.

02 February 2009

Groundhog Day

Punxsutawney Phil says we're in for six more weeks of winter?!

Damn groundhog.


Okay, so remember my whining about how I haven't been skiing since 2003, and aren't I pitiful?

No longer!

I went skiing yesterday. It was great.

Saturday we were at a friend's 8th birthday party. J and I were chatting with the parents, and he asked them if they would be skiing on Sunday. They said yes. J asked if I could go with them. They said yes.

I said "what? But... but..."

J said "you want to go. You should go. You're going."

And so I went.

It was great. Nice and sunny and clear, and not too cold. The snow was nicely groomed and not icy. I did maybe 10+ runs... I lost count. That's how much fun I was having.

Oh, AND I'm actually an okay skier. I really didn't know how I would do, since it had been so long. But I did really well. No falling. Went fairly fast. Even tried a couple black diamonds, and *had fun* on them. I think maturity and a better sense of my own body has really helped my technique. Which is nice.

So I did it! I went skiing! Now I definitely won't wait so long to go skiing again. Thanks, friends!