30 April 2009


The house is quiet. J and Doodle have taken of to east-central UT for a couple days of camping, playing on boulders, and papa-daughter bonding time. I'm home, working on my thesis. I know they'll be fine, but at the same time I'm really anxious being stuck here, unable to do anything if they need me. *deep breath* It will be fine. I know it will. They will have a blast.

So I sit and write. The only non-thesis things I will allow myself to work on while they are gone are: making food, doing dishes, and getting the mower working if I can. Everything else - the cleaning, laundry, sewing, gardening, puttering - all that will have to wait. I must use my time efficiently and get a lot done.

If you see me on Facebook or Twitter or posting another blog entry here, please gently remind me to get back to work. Thanks.

29 April 2009


Because I'm feeling lazy, here are some Doodle pictures. One of these days I'll get around to taking a belly pic of me (yes, it's starting to show) and posting it. But in the meantime, Doodle cuteness will have to tide you over.

The tree-climber. It was getting dark and she still didn't want to come down.

Tractors are a big hit in this neighborhood. They came and removed our big piles of tree branches from the street. One guy even let us climb up in the backhoe and sit in it! Doodle was thrilled.

Doodle and I went to the zoo on Monday. She loved the geese, ducks, coyotes, ducks, turtles, ducks... it was fun.

Darn cute.

21 April 2009


In preparing a chapter of my thesis for publication, The Advisor and I got to wondering if Astragalus, the genus of my study plant, is the largest genus of flowering plant. It has 2000+ species in it, sometimes as high as 2500 species depending on who you ask. So he emailed a colleague who emailed some colleagues... you get the idea. Yesterday The Advisor received an email from PETER RAVEN saying that he's not sure if Astragalus is The Biggest Genus, but that it's certainly in the top five largest genera, and that he'd consult with some colleagues and get back to us.

Peter Raven, for those who don't know, is a Botanical Bigwig. He wrote the General Botany book that I learned botany from. He has an award named after him. He's a big deal. And he's talking with colleagues about a question that directly applies to my thesis?! ACK!

This is both really cool and overwhelming... I feel out of my league. Peter Raven is thinking about my thesis! (kind of)

20 April 2009

Miss Independent

Doodle is becoming quite the independent little person. Twice this weekend she reminded me just how much she's doing on her own.

Saturday we were at the Pride gathering at Willow Park. She wanted to play on the playground equipment, so for a while J or I stood nearby and watched while she navigated the stairs, slides, etc. After a few times back and forth between the picnic tables and the playground, she just took off by herself without any insistence that a parent follow.

So we stood and watched.

She climbed the stairs to the big slide. She slid. She ran around. She watched bigger kids do bigger kid things. She climbed the stairs again. She even tried climbing a ladder (this is when J went to spot her - it was a little high and she has less practice at ladders than at stairs). She did fine at all of it. The big kids were nice and patient while she slowly made her way to the top of the slide stairs. And she had fun. I didn't need to be there. In fact, she played for probably 15 minutes before even looking for J or myself.

It was eye-opening for me. She didn't NEED me. And she was perfectly fine and safe without a hovering mom to remind her to watch out for the next kid to come down the slide or to go around the kids on swings. She KNOWS that stuff. I should just let her be more often.

Come Sunday Doodle and I were playing in the front yard, running around and digging up weeds in the flowerbed. She asked for help climbing the little tree in our yard, so I helped her get up on the low branches. She swung around and got herself situated, sitting nice and stable between a few branches.

She turned to me and ordered "Go garden," pointing at the flowerbeds.
I looked at her, confused. "What, Doodle?"
"Go garden. No help."

She didn't want me hovering, spotting her and staying close just in case. She was fine, and told me as much. So I agreed, and went about 12 feet away where I continued weeding while she happily sat in the tree, picking at buds and watching the world. She didn't need me.

She doesn't always need me anymore. I'm still getting used to that idea.

17 April 2009

Pride Festival

Hey Cache Valley-ians! This weekend is Cache Valley’s very own pride festival. Come on down to Willow Park in Logan on Saturday (April 18th) from 12:00-4:00pm to celebrate and support the GLBTQA community. We'll be there!

Photo from Flickr.


Yesterday I had a severe fit of domesticity. I did dishes, folded laundry, made dinner (yummy burgers & homemade buns), got bread started and made cinnamon rolls. And sewed Doodle a skirt. I used the Oliver+s Lazy Days skirt pattern (free here - look in the sidebar for the link). It was quick, easy and fun. Did I mention easy? I'm totally going to make more of these skirts for her. And, maybe, me. Anyways, here's the skirt:

Yes, okay, I know. Striped shirt not matching the skirt or the single striped sock. She's got her own kind of fashion going. It'll catch on soon. Really.

But the skirt! Isn't it cute? Super easy, good for spinning, and it's got a cute little ribbon at the bottom that makes it look like it was more work than it was. Hooray for home-sewn stuff looking good!

Yeah, over-exposed. I know. But she wanted to show me UPCLOSE. That happens. Point being: cute skirt. That I made with minor help and hand-holding by J (when stressing about the "this says it's only supposed to be 7/8", and this seam here is a full inch!" hyperventilating drama I'm capable of. Thanks J for tolerating me.)

Yay skirt! Next project: Doodle pants?

15 April 2009

Easter-y fun

Here are some photos of our Easter. I didn't get any good ones of our busy, busy Saturday, but took a bunch on our much more mellow Sunday at home.

Grandma Sabrina made these awesome Easter gifts, all knitted! The basket/nest looks very realistic. So cool! Doodle loves them. (Bonus: the hatching chick also fits in some of the larger plastic eggs we have, so Doodle can make it hatch out of lots of things).

See? She loves it!

We started letting Doodle take pictures with the camera. This is J after the 8th photo in a row that Doodle took of him.

J and Doodle dyeing eggs.

The finished product (yes, we only dyed 7). Doodle working on opening a plastic egg found in the yard.

13 April 2009

A good (but crazy) busy

This weekend was fun, but nuts.

On Saturday we:
1) Went to the climbing gym for J's bouldering competition. The morning session was just him and FunEllen, so it was mellow. Doodle ran around and tried climbing while I watched J and FunEllen climb for a little bit. I left early to drop Doodle off with friends, then frantically put on makeup to prepare for...

2) the drive down to SLC to perform (bellydance) at Meeting of the Tribes. Stopped at the Aquarius Fish Market where I stocked up on much-needed yummy fish after getting the most delicious cinnamon belgian waffle from a hole-in-the-wall café run by a couple of Belgians. Sooooo yummy. Ate, danced, then came home. The performance went pretty well, I think, though I think we're all glad we have a month or so to polish it before our next show.

3) Meanwhile J, Doodle and one of our small friends went out to Baby Animal Days. Doodle rode a horse and looked at cute animals, and J climbed the greased pole. Blech. At least he got $3 off the pole - enough to pay for Doodle's admission to the bounce house.

4) We rendezvoused, ate dinner, then went back to the climbing gym to watch the finals. J didn't make it into the top three for the advanced climbers, so we just watched the finals while Doodle ran around, swinging on ropes, applauding FunEllen and generally enjoying lots of space to run and jump and climb. We stuck around until the comp was done, then J tried out some of the routes the finalists climbed. Finally got home at 10:30pm. LONG DAY.

Sunday we:
1) dyed eggs, then hunted for plastic eggs in the front yard. Doodle loved it all.

2) went to Caffe Ibis for coffee/hot chocolate. Nice mellow morning (which J needed, as he was sore from all that climbing).

3) got Doodle to nap after a crying fit because we didn't go to the library. You see, when running errands around town we will often stop at the library followed by the coffee shop or vice versa. So after hot chocolate, Doodle assumed we'd be going to the library, and was very sad when we didn't. Yep, that's my girl - bookworm through and through.

4) Post-nap we went to our friends' house for an Easter/post-baby-blessing dinner. Had fun hanging out, watching the kids play, and holding their 2 week old baby boy. Friends enjoyed asking Doodle where mama's baby is - her answer: "In UTERUS!!!" (yelled very enthusiastically). Good fun.

Thanks FunEllen, StrangeFam, Duffys, climbers and bellydance girls for a fun but exhausting weekend!

07 April 2009

Second trimester

I'm officially in the second trimester of pregnancy now. Woohoo!

Only ~27 more weeks to go...

(dang, that seems like forever.)

05 April 2009

What we've been up to

Here's a pile of cute Doodle pictures from the past few weeks.

Little bellydancer eating chocolate. Stripey girl dancing to her singing birthday card. Yes, her b-day was in December. She *loves* singing cards.

Yesterday J climbed this tree in our backyard to hack off some dead branches. Doodle insisted on joining him. I'd better get used to this - she's only going to climb higher from here on.

Play hard, sleep hard.

She may be cute, but she's still fierce. Beware!