14 January 2009

Sewing projects

I've been sewing. For Xmas we always sew a bunch of gift bags, using festive fabric purchased post-holidays at super discounts. But the sewing has continued. Here are a few things I've made, some with J's help:

This was a birthday present for Doodle. She picked out the fabric, and I love it. J was vital in transferring the idea to fabric.

This purse, based on a purse my sister made for me years ago, is a present for a small friend whose birthday is coming up. I just need to get a snowflake button (found a lead on Freecycle, just need to call the person), and teach myself how to use the sewing machine's button holer. Anyone have tips on sewing button holes?

This is our infamous 60s couch. It's NINE feet long, and takes up most of one wall of the living room. The curtains were bugging me - their floral print next to the couch was just not working anymore.

One visit to the fabric store later, plus J suggesting we make it a "thermal curtain" = new, bright colored curtain with some fleece sewn to the other side to minimize draftiness from the window. It's bright. I really like it. Plus it goes with my tiger box (see the tiger pillow on the couch? That's the material. I'll post about the box soon).

I think that's it for my major projects right now. I need to get that darn button hole figured out, then the sewing machine will probably go back to the closet for a while. But it's nice to see the things I can do and make when I take the time.

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