23 January 2009

Chinese New Year prep, part 2

Chinese barbecued pork: done. Remarkably easy.
Egg noodles from scratch: done. Easier than I thought, especially with a pasta roller setup.
Wonton wrappers: done. Ditto, as this recipe is the same as the egg noodle one. Two birds with one stone and all that jazz. Hooray!

J is in the kitchen right now working on char siu bows (or baos) - steamed barbecued pork buns. They're really more of a dim sum dish, but they're one of his favorites (and mine) so we're making them.

Tomorrow we wrap the wontons and make the potstickers (jiaozi) and almond cookies.

Then Sunday we'll steam lots of stuff, make rice, a cooked spinach salad, wonton soup, a noodle dish (lo mein) and sticky rice new years cakes (nian gao). Then we feast!


Kim said...

Yum!!! You guys will have so much fun!!!! :)

Sha'Niqua said...

Mmmmm, looking forward to reaping the benefits of all your hard work!

Daktari said...

You going to have ox-stuffed dumplings? Invite me over! Happy New Year you guys!

Mom's Sewing Vault said...

Holy cow, I think I drooled on the mouse! ;) Don't be nervous, your guests will love it.

Pajama Pants Crusader said...

Could you share your recipe for wonton wraps? We love to make eggrolls and crab ragoons!

Mama bee said...

@Daktari: Sadly, no ox-stuffed dumplings. Ox is hard to come by 'round these parts. We settled for lamb-stuffed dumplings and shrimp-stuffed wontons.

If you were closer we'd totally invite you. Then we could trade yummy chinese food for those cinnamon rolls of yours.

Mama bee said...

@Pajama Pants Crusader: I just posted the wonton wrapper recipe here: http://mamabuglover.blogspot.com/2009/01/wonton-skin-recipe.html. Enjoy!