15 April 2010

On the move

He started on the red/white/black blanket you see behind him. But that toy ambulance was just too enticing...

It's on. He's moving everywhere now, army crawling like crazy.
It is fun watching his excitement at reaching once unattainable toys.
Little people are so much fun.

09 April 2010

Six months

How is my little baby six months old already?

For comparison's sake, and because I can, here are some photos of Doodle and Roo at 6 months.

04 April 2010

Easter bunnies

My little Easter bunnies wish everyone a happy easter and a fun-filled spring.

03 April 2010


Remember this fabric? Vintage 70's fabulous rust-and-floral corduroy, scored at the thrift store. I had a vision of a cute little cord jumper for Doodle, and fought with different design ideas for a while. Then I found this pattern for free. It was exactly what I had in mind, and wound up being really easy to make. Victory! Here's the finished cuteness:

Doodle helped me design the pockets, and officially approved of the ribbon/lace edging and the yellow flower buttons on the shoulders. She's already been bouncing around the house in it, sticking chapstick, a necklace, and other goodies in her pockets. Perfect for a rambunctious little girl on the go. Yay!

Added bonus - it was cheap to make. Here's the grand total for supplies.
Pattern: free online
Fabric: $1 @ thrift store (and enough left over for a skirt for me!)
Lace: 35 cents @ thrift store
Facing (fabric inside): $1 @ thrift store
Buttons: $1.50 (half off) @ fabric store
Ribbon: from my stash
Thread: from my stash

A thrifting, sewing success!