08 January 2009


Doodle has gotten into Hide and Seek lately. We play a Marco Polo version of hide and seek that goes something like this:

Doodle, from hiding spot: "HIDING!"
Parent: "Where could Doodle be? Marco!"
Doodle: "Polo!"

...and so on, until we find her and she requests that we find her again. But last night she had a new variation. Trying to get us to come find her, she yelled "Marco!" I replied with Polo, but not enthusiastically or fast enough. This prompted Doodle to yell "MarcoMarcoMarcObama!"


One more example of Doodle's toddlerese: her request for lunch today was for a "cheesedia," aka a quesadilla. How's that for starting spanglish early?

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Knotty Britta said...

These are so cute! We're about to enter this phase with Kaia. She has some words she has made up, but nothing like this so far. I remember blogging about Taiten around that age too. They are just so cute.