28 March 2009

I heart Melissa

Yesterday we had our first appointment with our beloved midwife, Melissa. We chatted about how I've been feeling (pretty great as long as I eat), what I've been craving (the fattiest processed meat imaginable), and how we feel about this pregnancy (woohoo! Baby!!!).

We got to hear the wombling's heartbeat! It made this whole pregnancy thing feel a little more real to hear the little person's heartbeat in there.

It was really great to chat with Melissa again. After Doodle's birth I missed our regular meetings with her. She's just really really awesome.

As of today, I'm twelve weeks pregnant. Almost done with the first trimester!

23 March 2009

Springfest pics

There is a very large bellydance community here in Utah. Most of the performances that happen are either A) restaurant gigs, B) student recitals put on by individual dance companies, or C) big shows with headliners brought in from out of state. There are very few festivals that welcome dancers from throughout the community, including beginners through professional level dancers. One of these festivals is Thia's Springfest. Registration is first-come first-serve, and as long as you get your form in early you get a five minute time slot in which to perform. It's really a great opportunity for dancers throughout Utah.

I've performed at Springfest since 2007, after I joined the student troupe here. Every year I've gone and danced with my troupe, then stuck around to see the huge variety in bellydance styles. This year, however, I stepped it up a notch.

I did a solo.

It actually went pretty well. I know I wasn't as relaxed and comfortable on stage as I could have been, but really, I did well. I didn't drop my sword, I didn't run off stage crying. I completed my dance, and am now a little more comfortable being the ONLY ONE ON STAGE (yes, it's so intimidating it warrants all caps).

Luckily, there was a photographer in the audience who took a ton of pictures at Springfest, then posted them online for the bellydance community to enjoy. Here are a few of my favorites from Springfest. The pink and silver costume with silver wings was from my troupe performance. The sword: my solo.


Wow, I've been gone from blogging for what seems like forever. Sorry about that. Things have been busy around these parts. Bellydance choreographies have been polished and performed, thesis edits have been made (and made again, and made again), along with grading, baking, cleaning, rearing of the Doodle, and the occasional basking in bits of spring sunshine.

Oh, and gestating.

I'm nearing the 12-weeks-pregnant mark, and the news is starting to spread. We see Melissa, our wonderful midwife, this Friday. I'm excited.

I'll be back soonish to post some photos of my solo and troupe performances at Springfest.