31 March 2011

Bellydance costume revamp

Last year I bought a bellydance costume from a friend. It had been her sister's, and had belonged to who knows how many people before that. It's fun and funky, but it was showing its age. I decided to give this bra and belt set a makeover on a budget.

The problem was these paillettes. While the sequins still look great and the rhinestones are in good shape, the paint on the paillettes was badly chipped, making the whole costume look beat up. My solution: nail polish.

3.5 bottles of polish and countless hours later...

Ta-da! The paillettes are back to shiny and colorful. Much better. An inexpensive (though tedious and a bit stinky) way to revitalize a tired-looking bra and belt set.

Now it's all set for my next performance!

29 March 2011

The birds want you to...

Roo loves birds. He's also pretty easily distracted. The other day we were sitting at the table for breakfast and Roo was crumpling his waffle, laughing at his sister, and doing anything BUT eating. Finally he noticed the birds outside the kitchen door, pecking at the bird seed we'd scattered.

Me: "Roo, do you see the birds?"
Roo: "Yep!"
Me: "Are they eating?"
Roo: "Yep!"
Me: "You should eat too."
Roo: blank stare, continues to crumple waffle
Me: "The birds want you to eat too."
Roo: immediately starts shoveling waffle into his mouth

I think we're on to something...

25 March 2011

Scientists see beauty in everything

Yet another reason why I love xkcd. (and slime molds too - they really are quite cute!)

11 March 2011

Lack of Focus

If I were in school right now, "Mama Bee exhibits a lack of focus" would be written in big red letters on my report card. Or, neatly written in beautiful kindergarten-teacher penmanship after "Mama Bee is a delight to have in class, and is a bit of a social butterfly." (Yes, my kindergarten report card said I was a social butterfly. Blame it on being bored?)

I'm lacking focus, and it's driving me nuts. I have a billion projects in the works, but it feels like nothing is getting done. I'm in the thick of a big contracted (read: for pay!) sewing project, but still have a ways to go before it'll be done. I made a good start on my tribal bellydance coin bra the other day, but have since stalled out due to the big sewing project. I keep trying new recipes to expand my culinary repertoire, but that's just taking up a lot of time and making me feel like I still have a long way to go before I'll have mastered anything at all in the kitchen. I feel like I could be making progress in learning tribal bellydance moves better, faster, more thoroughly if only I could practice, yet I don't make the time to do so. Then I get anxious about the possibility of trying out for the performing troupe here in a few weeks, feeling like I don't know enough to even consider trying out, and I'm back to wanting to practice and polish what I DO know, but instead spend half an hour watching videos on facebook instead.

Lack of focus.

It's even reflected in this here blog, where I've started a whole bunch of posts, only to leave them in draft limbo because I've lost inspiration or haven't taken the time to find the right photo, or I just feel like no one would want to read about that anyhow. A self-conscious blog is not a very good blog.

So. Here's where you, my few but loyal readers, come into play: what do you want to see here? I'll give you some of the draft ideas, but feel free to fill in whatever you want to hear me ramble/reminisce/rant about. Okay? Thanks.

Draft blog post ideas which are languishing in limbo:
  • prickly pears and memories of my great grandma
  • photos of the kids from our Maui trip
  • video of the kids at the beach in Maui
  • J's video of the sandalwood in Haleakala National Park
  • a weird dream I had about cheese-cavity-nesting bees
  • a post about citizen science, the Blackawton Bees, and a spring beauty project I've just volunteered for
  • adventures in my kitchen (or, how I'm teaching myself to more loosely follow recipes and improvise more)
or... ?

I don't know. What do you think?

07 March 2011

Not yet Spring

Looking out our window this morning, it is obviously, CLEARLY, undoubtedly still Winter.

So we played in it.

Guess the little critters should sit tight for a little while longer.

03 March 2011


What happens when Papa has the kids for a Saturday afternoon while Mama's off at bellydance workshops?
They make a papier machĂȘ volcano, of course!



Doodle's totally got a leg up on the grade school science fairs in her future.
"Make a volcano? Sure. Piece of cake. I did that when I was four!"

If that wasn't awesome enough, our friend Liv just posted a link to this amazing photo journey to the Nyiragongo Crater in Africa. So now Doodle's really REALLY excited about volcanoes and lava. and lava lakes. Really, check out the photos. Very cool.

We may make the eruptions a regular thing; stage our own reliably-timed lava flows. Y'know, like Old Faithful, only with molten lava. Ohhhh yeah. Parenthood is pretty awesome.

02 March 2011

Anyone home?

Now that it's March (woohoo!) I find myself thinking about warm spring days, with the lovely plants and neat critters who will soon be emerging from their winter slumber.

spider lair?

And so I found myself one sunny afternoon peering into the ends of shrub stems, wondering who had made their home in each stem and when they might emerge.

Come on out, little critters! I've got a whole new insect fauna to learn here, and I am antsy (heh heh) to start!