30 September 2010

Bound for California!

Looking out the window at the pouring rain it's hard to believe that in ~13 hours we'll be in sunny, HOT, dry California. We're bound for the greater L.A./Orange County region for a few days of celebration. First up: J's brother's wedding. Doodle will be the flower girl with a fabulously twirly dress and, most importantly for my purple-loving diva, a beautiful purple bow. J is a groomsman and will be looking snazzy in his nice new suit. For Roo, a white button-up shirt, grayish pants and possibly a little vest if it's not too hot. For me a dress that's dressy enough to blend with my fabulous crew. I'm even planning to wear mascara. Yep, big deal. It's sure to be a big, fun bash and I'm looking forward to it.

After the wedding we'll have a mellow day, then J's grandma is hosting a birthday party for Roo. On the guest list: 40 people so far. Yes, 40. Including kids. Forecast: loudness and mayhem and lots of love all around. It'll be great.

I'll give a full report when we're back. Until then, I'm off to pack. Gotta get the swimsuits for the beach! :D

18 September 2010

Doodle excerpts from a nature outing

Memorable snippets from an outing with the kids to Shaver's Creek Environmental Center last week.

Much discussion and admiration of migrating monarchs, and a monarch costume worn proudly.

(real, live) Snakes in tanks with informative signs, followed by a Real! Live! Snake! in the Wild!

Lots of worker bumble bees (that means they're girls, Mom, so don't touch!) foraging on the jewelry (Jewelweed). It's called that because it's like jewelry on the plant. Like bracelets when I bellydance.

Treasures in the form of early-turning fall foliage, collected and carefully stowed for transport home. But don't give it to anyone. Not even a moose.

Admiring injured Bald Eagles, then asking them hey, do you want to go to a playground with me?

This kid is so amazing, so engaged, so awesome.

13 September 2010

I love it

...when my kids love the food I make.

Pictured: stuffed 8-ball zucchini. Based on the Fat-free Vegan 8-ball zucchini recipe, but highly modified to include fatty pork sausage, among other deliciousness.

12 September 2010

Me Things

Things I'm doing lately that bring me joy and make me feel fulfilled:

Experimenting in the kitchen (muffins, refried beans, improv dinners).
Chopping veggies for salsa after every one is asleep.
Canning the salsa and fresh tomatoes, storing away yummy summer food for wintertime family nourishment.
Reading for pleasure.
Back to bellydance class.

Ahhh. Feels good to be doing 'me' things again.

10 September 2010

Crag swing

What do you do with a 3.75 year old at a climbing crag? Well, you give her toys and food, show her where to find mud and acorns for mud pies, and hope all that will occupy her for a while.

But then, after Papa climbs the 5.12a/b overhanging route and needs to take a break...

...it's swinging time!

09 September 2010

11 months

Dirty crag baby in West Virginia

One day shy of 11 months old his first tooth appeared.

One day over 11 months old and he just said 'Mama' for the first time.
(Ball, Papa, Booby and Dog came before this, with Papa as the favorite.)

He is such a joy.

01 September 2010

An Outing

We went for a hike again on Saturday, exploring another state park.

Some of us worked on our skipping technique

...while others simply hiked, exuding cuteness.

I love getting outside and exploring with them.