29 October 2010

dejá vu

I took this photo while we were out climbing and playing last weekend, then had the strange feeling I'd taken a very similar photo before.

I was right.
Doodle's four or five months older in her photo than Roo is now. But look, I even got my pants right!

28 October 2010

Crafting has resumed

Now that we're settling in and getting more comfortable in our daily routines, the crafting has resumed. I should say MY crafting has resumed, since it's been mostly me sewing things that I just must do right now. Example A: the curtain for the front door. Practical, nice to have, and pretty too. Doodle picked the button above from my meager button collection, and I think it's perfect.

Example B: patchwork skirt for Doodle. Something I hadn't tried yet, and I was itching to play with. After her initial disdain and refusal to wear it wore off, she now loves it. Thank goodness, otherwise I may very well have turned it into another curtain or some crazy patchwork pants for Roo.

Example C: Ah yes, the infamous polyester. I used a little bit of it to re-cover my sewing box forever ago, but still have an awful lot left. Doodle finally agreed to let me sew her a skirt out of this and she's been wearing it regularly. Hooray! Now I just need to finish the half-done matching funky skirt for me. Then we shall take the town by Bright Polyester Storm! Hmm, think I can get J to wear a shirt made out of this?

Example D: patchwork pillow cover. My own design, thankyouverymuch. It's nothing spectacular, but I finally got to use that pretty middle fabric, and gave new life to a kind of ugly, no longer exciting pillow that was laying around.

Flaps on the back so it can be easily removed for washing. Vital feature with small children around.

Example E: Doodle's leaf book. It's a different kind of science-crafting blend which we are loving right now. As this is her first fall in deciduous-tree-land, I decided we should collect different kinds of leaves and look at them. It has since become a fun goal to try and find new leaves, plus I'm enjoying trying to identify the trees they came from. (The oaks though... ugh. There are a lot here, and they hybridize. I still don't know what species of oaks are in our own yard and I've been fussing over it for weeks now.)
Also pictured: our felt leaf garland. I made it last year with felt scraps from the thrift store. I like it.

It's nice to be creating things again.

20 October 2010

Climbing at Mocanaqua

We went climbing a few weeks ago at Mocanaqua, a place about 2 hours away. Our friend E was trying out his new camera lens, so we got some good photos from the outing.

Dirty Doodle pretending to be angry. The bath was sooooo gross that night.

Dirty cute Roo.

That's the look J gives me when I'm nearing my wit's end with a frustrating crabby Doodle. This look says "Patience, love. She's only three." I get this look a lot.

Roo fading.

And whaddaya know? With enough climbers around to belay and play with children, even Mama can get on the rock. I just did one route, a 5.7, but it was good to climb nonetheless. Hopefully next season I'll get up even more, and maybe even start improving at this whole rock climbing thing.

19 October 2010

More wedding pics

I've got a backlog of photos that I haven't posted, from the wedding/trip to California, and even before that. Here are some cute photos from J's brother's wedding a couple of weeks ago.

Doodle and Aaron, the ring bearer. Featured previously in their photo booth photos.

Action shot. This was about when Doodle started telling Aaron he was supposed to slow down and wait for her. She knew how to do the flower girl thing, and wasn't going to let a silly, too-fast-walking little boy mess it up. He slowed down and it all worked out fine.

Of course this was after she'd approached the seating area and did a kickass fist pump in the air as if she were saying "HELL YEAH I'M THE FLOWER GIRL!" This was followed by her grinning hugely and giving thumbs up to everyone as she walked about a third of the way down the aisle, too busy with the thumbs up to scatter petals.

She was later complimented by the bridesmaids for lightening the mood of the ceremony and being the best flower girl ever. I think she pretty much rocked too.

J's paternal side of the family. Cuteness all around.

18 October 2010

Mast year

See that pile? Beneath the meager collection of leaves is a whopping pile of acorns. Yes, my children are jumping in/on an acorn pile. Don't feel bad for them. The acorns are subsiding FINALLY, and the leaves are coming down in greater numbers. We really do have leaf piles now for jumping in. Because acorn piles? They kinda suck.

But really, the kids look happy, right? Wouldn't you be happy if your big sister gave you her fuchsia-sequined headband then told you you're pretty?

16 October 2010

Missing Utah

A note found in one of our many boxes. It's on our fridge where I look at it daily.

Some days are great. We go to a playgroup, hang out at the library, or stop by the farmers market and chat with "the Pork Man" (Doodle's name for him). State College feels comfortable, familiar.

Other days just feel off. I don't know where to go in town for kid shoes, a cast iron pan, how to find a babysitter, a dentist, a fillintheblank. I long for the familiar. I miss dropping by a friends' house and hanging out for hours or just a few minutes, having that already established relationship. I miss feeling comfortable in my own skin, feeling confident when I go to dance because I know the moves and I know my fellow dancers. I miss my small friends who I could invite over to entertain Doodle and who I could chat with, play with, and win over with homemade fruit leather. I miss their parents, and our conversations that ran the range from deep and philosophical to silly or strange. I miss people knowing me through academia, and not just because I'm Doodle-n-Roo's Mom. I miss talking science. I miss many things.

I know it'll get easier here, as we make more friends, more connections. It's just hard to start over in a new place, knowing the awesome wonderful people we miss so much are so far away.

I miss you too, Utah.

15 October 2010

To Learn

I want to learn how to knit, partially because I want to make super-cute things like this acorn cap.

Knitting is on my List of things To Learn, along with quilting, woodworking, surfing, mountaineering, silk dyeing, deer hunting, pole dancing (for fitness, of course) and mastering a kick-ass pie crust.

What's on your To Learn list?

08 October 2010

Birthday Roo

Happy first birthday to my sweet Roo.

It's hard to believe that this amazing little fella is already one year old. In this one year of his life we've gotten two degrees and moved across the country. It's been a whirlwind, but he's been such a joy every step of the way. I feel so fortunate to have such a sweet, happy little guy in my life.

Happy first of many birthdays, my baby love.

06 October 2010


We made a point to hit the beach while we were in California. We built sand castles, buried Doodle, collected shells, played in the water, and enjoyed the warm, overcast weather and lack of fellow beachgoers. It was great.

When can we go back?

Photo booth

My new favorite feature at weddings is the photo booth.

J's sister had a photo booth at her wedding reception two years ago and it was a huge hit, so J's brother and sis-in-law had one at their wedding this past weekend. It was fun.

Doodle and the Ring Bearer.

They were best pals all night. Wherever one went, the other was close behind. Whenever he vanished, Doodle would run up and ask "Where's Aaron?" sounding all concerned. They were adorable together.
J & Hayley
The happy couple - J's brother & his wifeThe wedding was a blast. More photos to come.