20 January 2009

Proud to be an American

It's a great day to be an American. I am happy and proud to have President Obama in office.


Matt said...

Were you able to catch his speech? I had students in my classroom 30 minutes before school asking to watch. 1st period (in my room) didn't start until after the President finished. His closing was met by cheers. Not just in our room, but from all the classrooms (as far as I could tell) up and down the hall. Guess I wasn't the only one tuned in to CNN?

Mama bee said...

Sure did. I was watching online and listening to NPR (the audio online kept cutting out). It was great.

Knotty Britta said...

I watched on YouTube since I spaced it. The days are totally blended with all our unpacking lately... It was really cool.

Totally unrelated... I had my first bellydance class last night!