23 January 2009


In non-celebration-related news, I'm freaking out. I sent in registration for a bellydance festival months ago, hoping to do a solo. A few weeks ago I heard through a listserve that the festival was full, and that there was a huge waiting list. At that point I breathed a sigh of relief, assuming I was off the hook. Sure, my troupe will be dancing in that festival. But I didn't need to choreograph a solo. Until...

...today's mail came. In it, a letter announcing that I am scheduled to perform at the festival. Eek!

Wait, it gets better.

I was hoping for an early timeslot. Y'know, like around noon or so. The festival goes from 10 am - 10 pm, so I figured I'd be dancing in the morning and have a fairly small and inattentive audience.

Not so lucky. My dance time: 6:26 pm.

The "good" dancers, the ones people stick around to see, dance from around 4:30 - 10pm. AND I'M IN THAT TIMESLOT!

(cue expletives)

Guess I have to go figure out a choreography now. Aaaaaaaaaaah!!!!


Mom's Sewing Vault said...

congratulations! Oh, I hope you enjoy every bit of it. What an exciting opportunity.

Kim said...

That is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am SO excited for you Mama!!!

Amy said...

You will do great and we'll all be there to cheer you on!!

Knotty Britta said...

My friend who is teaching me bellydance is also in a competition in a couple months. She's really excited. I am so happy for you, I know performing in any way can be so scary, but you are going to do so good! I still need to see you sometime, I have three months left coming to Utah. I'm thinking about staying longer for the April one so maybe I can come up where you are. I miss you!!!!!!

In bellydance news... I just put up a huge mirror in my living room so I can practice, yay, I'm excited!

Knotty Britta said...

Hey, post a video!

Mama bee said...

Thanks you guys! I am really excited about this opportunity, and I think it'll be good. It caught me a bit off-guard, though, which is why I'm nervous.