28 January 2009


I really need to go skiing sometime this winter.

Why, you ask?

Well, because I haven't gone downhill skiing since moving to Utah. Ridiculous, I know.

I learned to downhill in junior high. Our ski club went up to the nearest mountain every Friday after school for night skiing. It was the big social activity with my friends - EVERYONE went. I skied nearly every week for three winters. Then high school came and most of my ski buddies were at the other high school. My high school didn't have a ski club. My ski trips dwindled down to 1-2 per winter, when a couple of friends and I would pile into my little Tercel with near-bare studded tires and slowly wind our way up the mountain for a day of fun. I missed it.

College on the California coast meant I went cross-country skiing twice while there, plus whenever I came home. The one time I went downhilling was my first road trip with J, when we skied Mammoth.

That's the last time I went downhill skiing. Mammoth Mountain, March 2003.

And here I am, living in the land of "the greatest snow on Earth". It says so on the freaking license plates, yet I have barely touched the snow. *Sigh* Anyone want to help me fix this?


Knotty Britta said...

I LOVE skiing, and I also remember ski club! I went last year a few times and now I won't be able to go for a while. You are so lucky, my closest "ski resort" (which is really lame over here...) is in Virginia, about 10 or more hours away.

Amy said...

Ask Aaron to go. He loves cross country, but at least you would have someone to go with. He never goes and gets sooooo irritated cause we have a mountain right out our front door covered with snow!

Liv said...

I do! I do! Fly me out there and I'll ski with you!!!!
Don't take it for granted--you may one day (again) live in the land of the Flat, where precipitation comes in the form of ice or rain, but never snow.

brooke said...

*raising a hand* glad to hear i'm not the only one who hasn't been downhill since moving to utah. but i am really a beginner. i've been dh one weekend all my life.