07 July 2008

Bullet points

Highlights from this past weekend, and the near future:
  • Voter registration before the fireworks went really well. People were nice and receptive.
  • The older democrat demographic *LOVES* Doodle. We brought her to a potluck, where she entertained the masses by running around, dancing, spinning in circles and climbing on the couches. They adore her.
  • Lewiston parade: super. Doodle got to pet some horses, and had fun sitting on the float.
  • Hyrum parade: hot and not so super. We were both ready to be done at that point. A friend said she saw us looking tired and bored on the float. Oops!
  • The Cruise-In: noxious gas fumes, mostly. We only saw some of the cars. My favorite was a silver rocketship-like car that resembled the Ambiguously Gay Duo's phallomobile.
  • The duet choreography is DONE! Now we just need to practice it and polish it before the show in two weeks.
  • My Mom is coming to town for the show (see above). I'm really excited. She has never seen me dance.
  • We're now chicken sitting for J's advisor. The flock is 20 hens, 1 obnoxious and territorial rooster, and a baby chick. The chick is an indoor bird right now, and follows us around in the house. If she (the chick) loses sight of humans, she'll start cheeping loudly until she can find someone. Really cute. Doodle loves playing with the chick. Hopefully we'll get some pics this week.
  • Because the darn rooster woke us up at 5:45 this morning, Doodle is napping right now. This is only problematic because the city crew is outside oiling and graveling our street, and there is all sorts of cool heavy machinery out there. It's right outside our front door, and she's missing it! Oh well. Better to have a rested Doodle.


Knotty Britta said...

I have farm sat before, I got to milk goats, and take care of all the babies (my favorite part!) and, unfortunately, the chickens. Roosters are mean! I had to take a bat in with me to get eggs. I never had to use it on him, but I did have to swing it to scare him away. Ugh!

I hope you have a show when I am there!!

Mama bee said...

The rooster is a real pain. He's charged me a couple times, and he and J seem to be constantly vying for the dominant male role. I flailed an empty egg carton at him yesterday after he charged me. It's so much nicer when there isn't a rooster to deal with.

I hope I do too. If not, you could come to my bellydance practice and maybe catch an impromptu performance that way. :-)

SallyB said...

Cute chick. It seems a little funny to have so many hens and *one* baby.

And, you have changed forever the way I think about Batman and Robin!