08 July 2008

Road repair

Yesterday Doodle fell asleep just as the road repair people arrived. I worried that she would miss all of the excitement. I needn't have worried. The road folks took a lunch break shortly after arriving, giving Doodle time to nap and prolonging their time in front of our house. It worked out perfectly. Doodle woke up, and we promptly went outside to watch the excitement. Then neighbor boy A woke up too, and the kids were able to sit roadside (like ring-side, but cooler) and watch the oiling and chipping of the road.

This is the gravel-spreader. It hooks to the back of the dumptruck, then they drive together (the dumptruck driving backwards) down the street, spreading gravel on the oil.

That's one of the roller things. There were three of them that drove in a line, back and forth. Doodle waved to them a lot.

This was the most exciting thing that has happened in our neighborhood... maybe ever! See how much fun she's having?


Knotty Britta said...

Taiten would have LOVED to be there. He is fascinated by all that stuff. How old is Doodle now?

Mama bee said...

She is almost 19 months.

Knotty Britta said...

I thought she was a lot older than Kaia but she's not. Kaia is just past 14 months.

Laura said...

Front loaders, diggers, bulldozers, cranes--they all rock. My kids LOVED watching any construction going on when they were little. They used to watch, Road Construction Ahead. One of their favorite movies at around Doodle's age (I wouldn't let them watch anything until about 2 years old--then, they were ready for it)


Grand Dad Doodle said...

I love seeing Doodle!