20 June 2008

Upcoming show

Club Cairo is coming up!  I'll be performing a choreographed duet (see Inara on the flyer?  That's me!), plus dancing with troupe Saffron.  Come join in the festivities - it'll be a blast!


Amy said...

Melanie and I are SOOOOOO excited about this! We ABSOLUTELY LOVE watching you guys dance.

Knotty Britta said...

Hey! You found my blog! Thanks for checking it out, and I am so excited you have one. Now, on topic... I hope you have show one time while I am nearby.

Ryan O'Donnell said...

(Not sure of the best way to respond to a comment . . . ) Your owls are probably Western Screech-Owls, as you thought. Flammulated Owls tend to be up at higher elevations, and I have heard Screech-Owls several times in Logan, including from my yard. The simplest way to tell, if you can see them in the light, is by their eye color. Flammies have black eyes, Screech-Owls have yellow eyes. Very cool!