02 July 2008

Quick escape

Monday night we went camping up the canyon.  The reasons were three-fold:
  1. J had just submitted a major grant proposal, and was in need of some down-time.
  2. We rarely go camping up the canyon, probably because if we're going to camp we want to go someplace new to do it.
  3. I wanted to get outside and spend time together.
So when J got home I proposed that I would pack while he vegged, and then we'd head out for just a night and a morning.  He ended up doing more packing than I'd anticipated, but we still kept it pretty low key.  Made it to the campsite by 7:30 pm, where we relaxed and got our camp established.

For dinner we used our cast-iron griddle for only the second time since our wedding, making some really yummy tenderloin steak with grilled onions and asparagus.  We relaxed by the fire for a while, the mosquitos having finally relented and gone to bed.

In the morning we made pancakes while Doodle frolicked in the tent and surrounding campsite.  Packing up we took full advantage of our short drive home and the ease of car-camping: dirty dishes went into a bag to be washed later, sleeping bags were casually stuffed into stuff-sacks.  Sometimes the easy approach is nice.

In all, it was a nice little escape from daily life.  We're learning the ease of the short, quick camping trip and may have to do this more often (after the 4th, of course).  Bonus pretty plant picture: Corallorhiza striata (coral-root orchid, a parasitic plant!) found along the road leaving the campground.  I'd never seen one in the wild, but spotted this patch while driving.  J was excited.


Amy said...

Aaron and I would love to do the "Quick Escape" camp outs, but with Christine, it's kind of hard. I think we are going to go go Yellowstone after Aaron gets back from Canada, cause Christine will be with his parents.

Knotty Britta said...

I've never thought to do that. As a kid, it was always a week or more so I never thought to do it that way. How easy and fun. Thanks for the idea.

Mama bee said...

This was sort of a spontaneous idea for me. We always did the major ordeal camping trips as well, but I figured with camp sites so close it doesn't HAVE to be a big, week-long trip all the time. I'm glad we did it this way.