08 July 2008

The chick

My favorite part of chicken sitting this time around is the chick. I've never cared for a chick before, and she's really easy. It seems all she wants is to be with her flock. But in this case her flock is the humans in the house. So we let her roam free and she's happy. She follows us around, trying to run between our legs when we're walking. She pecks at the freckles on my legs when I'm sitting down. She entertains Doodle. Here's some of the cuteness.

Doodle tries to catch and hold baby chicken. Sometimes it works. Most of the time the chicken cheeps loudly as Doodle gets close, which freaks Doodle out and allows the little poultry to escape.

Me and the fluffy cuteness.

She was pecking at the magazine just moments before.