14 July 2008

Back to The City

We went back to the City of Rocks this weekend. A bunch of our friends came, making for a big fun group outing. There were very few people there, probably due to it being the weekend after the 4th. Last time it wasn't necessarily crowded, but there were many more people. I liked the solitude and quiet this time around. Doodle enjoyed the dogs and the dirt (see below - it took her less than 20 minutes from arrival to get that dirty). She also enjoyed playing and interacting with our friends.

I did half of a climb the first day - my first rock climbing since before getting pregnant with Doodle. It was pretty daunting to consider, but I'm glad I got on the wall. I decided not to finish the climb because I hadn't eaten in hours and was feeling pretty shaky and unstable. The second day Doodle was really clingy, so we just chilled at the bottom of the routes and watched J et. al climb. Our group was really mellow, which was perfect. I had a great time. I'm glad we went.


Sha'Niqua said...

Yes, and thanks for following us at a very slow 50 mph to make sure we got to the gas station. It was definitely a close call, but I'd rather have the epic there than hanging off a rock!

Knotty Britta said...

How cool! You guys find the neatest places to go. If Doodle likes dirt that much her and Taiten would get along extremely well. He is such a dirt fanatic. Kaia too, for that matter. Maybe I'll get to bring them both on one of my Utah trips. That would be super cool and then you could meet them both.