22 July 2008


Wow, life is busy right now. Here's a quick recap of the past week, and a glimpse into the future:
  • My mom came to town on Wednesday last week. We loved having her here. Doodle got to play with her a bunch, and calls her "Gaa". We took mom hiking at Tony Grove (the wildflowers are awesome right now), climbing at Fucoidal Quartzite (OMG, I actually got to climb too!) and climbing at Rock Haus. Throw in a LLL meeting, a trip to the gardener's market, and playing at the park while I had a dress rehearsal and it was a busy few days for all. We had a blast.
  • Mom was also here for my bellydance show, in which she got to see my first duet! It went really well. I had fun, my troupe did pretty well, and our duet rocked. I am so happy with how it went. Oh, and Doodle was a big hit - she was dancing with her play silk and getting a lot of attention during the performances. I think she loved it.
  • This Thursday is Pioneer Day. (sidenote for which J deserves credit: why is Pioneer Day celebrated as such a patriotic holiday now? The Pioneers whom are being celebrated moved out here to get away from the United States gov't. Anyways...) State Holiday = Parades and Fireworks. Which, in J&K(&C) land = riding on floats and conducting voter registration drives. If you are either A) a supporter of the Cache Democrats, B) a supporter of Breastfeeding, or C) just want to ride on a float, let us know. J and I have ins with the Cache Dems and La Leche League, both of whom will have floats in the Logan parade. Yeehaw!
  • With the above-mention of floats comes float decoration and prep. Tomorrow night I get to help decorate the LLL float. Sadly, I doubt we'll have giant papier maché boobies on the float, nor will said boobies have fountains pouring from them. We're shooting for modesty here, folks. Yes, the pioneers breastfed. But I doubt they would have flaunted it with big hooters on their wagons. And so, we go simple. It'll still be fun. I'll take pics.
  • The next big thing in my forseeable future is my sex-ed teaching assignment. This is a visiting-lecturer position I was offered for one week in the Human Physiology class. They have one lab (4 sections) in which they talk about contraceptives, reproduction and birth. I was asked to be the instructor this semester. YAYYYYYYY!!! I know it's weird, but I'm really excited to teach this unit. Most of these students have never had a formal sex-ed class, or if they have it was heavily abstinence-based. Now that a lot of them are married or thinking about it, they NEED this info. And no one gives it to them. Enter...ME! I get to talk about the different forms of contraception on the market, and the risks associated with each. I also get to talk about the female cycle (when ovulation happens, changes related to fertility, that sort of thing), and birth. The #1 thing I'm hoping the students take away is simply to ask questions, and do research. I hope I can instill in them the importance of finding out for themselves what's right for them, and not blindly accepting things without looking at the fine print when it comes to their reproductive health. I'm hoping for the best. Wish me luck!


Daktari said...

They have a breastfeeding float?

I've heard everything now.

Good luck teaching the class. Hope you enjoy it. I like teaching assignments that only last one week!

Knotty Britta said...

Have you read Taking Charge of your Fertility by Toni Weschler? I LOVE that book and will be teaching my kids from it.

Mama bee said...

Daktari: Yep, a breastfeeding float. Gotta keep 'em on their toes here. :-)

Britta: yes, I actually own the book. The part of my lecture dealing with cycles and fertility will draw from that book a lot. It's awesome, and I recommend it regularly.