13 January 2011


We just dropped J off at the airport. He's flying to San Diego for a conference and will be gone for a week. (Though the story of how the airline canceled his 6am flight at 6pm yesterday is a fun one - he's currently picking up a rental car with his boss, driving to Baltimore, then taking a nonstop flight to San Diego. Quite the fiasco.)

We'll be in self-entertaining/survival mode here, which either means I'll be blogging a ton or not at all. Things should get back to normal (whatever that is) before February... I hope.


Josh said...

I like your new picture in the banner. I made it to San Diego 9 hours after I was originally scheduled. The drive to Baltimore went well. I just didn't need the extra 4 hours of travel time tacked on. We had a same plane stopover in Salt Lake City and had to wait in line to de-ice after sitting parked for an hour, so were delayed getting in. Ugh.

Liv said...

I, too, like the picture banner. Good luck with the next ten days! Can't wait to hear your chosen weapons of distraction. =)