25 January 2011

Roo loves birds

He looks outside first thing in the morning, searching the sky. He looks at me, signs, looks outside again. He's searching for birds. He loves birds.

Our friend Liv recently posted a photo of a jay on her blog. Roo saw it, and for the next day kept pointing at the computer and signing bird. I told Liv this, and requested more birds on Roo's behalf. She replied with a bird photo post. Roo loved it. Here's his reaction, complete with hooting sound which he now uses for all animals:

Thanks, Liv!


Liv said...

Any time! Thanks for sharing this video.

Karin said...

Oh! How beautiful (and grown-up) your little people are! :-). I see the photos, but the video was much more demonstrative. It was a delight to watch. :-). We miss you out here! :-)

matt said...

Awesome! When Tyler said, "Whoa," that just made my month. Much love to all and thanks to Liv for enhancing the education of the kiddos.