24 January 2011

Craft piles ahoy!

J is home and all is well. The kids and I survived our week without him, though we're all much happier to have him home. Now that J's back and I have a little more free time, the crafting has resumed. Oh yes.

On my desk I have the following projects either started or in queue:
  • first knitting project - a scarf. I'm ~12 inches in.
  • feather-and-fake-orchid hair clip fluff things for tribal bellydance costuming. I believe they're called "fascinators" on Etsy. Not sure what's so fascinating about feathery hair decor, but whatev. I will be fluffy and tribal, and soon!
  • bra to deconstruct and reconstruct as a tribal coin bra of awesomeness.
  • satiny cabaret bellydance skirt to sew.
  • bellydance cover-up (caftan) #1 to finish sewing, figure out pattern details (J's design!)
  • bellydance cover-up #2 to cut out, sew, decorate.
  • pajamas for Roo.
  • pajama pants for Doodle.
  • Valentine-themed banner to put together.
  • a couple of these for Doodle and Roo for Valentine's Day.
So far I've made one feathery fascinator thingy, and one headband. Caftan #1 is mostly done, and I'll hopefully get that done yet this naptime. (Thank you forces of the universe and/or basic human physiology that require my son to take a nap every day, without which I would accomplish even less than I already do.)

Also, on Friday I had my first solo bellydance performance in a non-hafla setting (Indian Restaurant) since MAY. It had been far too long between performances, but I feel it went really well. I'm glad I did it, I had fun, and I really hope I get to do it again. If so, I will bring my video camera next time. This stuff needs to be documented, yo!

I keep thinking I'll get around to posting photos and links for all the fun things I made for Xmas. That's on the pile too, along with sharing more Maui stories (though I'm still lacking photos) and maintaining sanity and making lots of yummy food and oh, what's that? We're pretending that you're the mom and I'm the kid and Roo's the baby and we're flying to San Diego?

Duty calls. Anyone want to work on my craft piles in the meantime?

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Lindsey said...

those envelopes are so cool! oh i wish I had the desire to be crafty! PS we missed our video chat date. the day turned crazy...soon...