10 January 2011

Ouch! Hahahahaha!!!

While eating dinner last night, Doodle asked J to tell her something funny. J decided to teach her about puns and jokes. He proceeds to tell her the following joke: "A man walks into a bar and says ouch!" She laughs, then looks a little confused.
J: "do you know what a bar is?"
Doodle: "no."
J: "Well, a bar is a place where grown ups go to have drinks like beer."
Doodle: confused look
Me: "A bar is a building people go in to drink beer."
J: "But a BAR (gesturing as if holding a pole) is a metal thing like a pole. So if someone walked into it, and hit it, what would he say?"
Doodle: "ouch! Hehehehehehe! He says ouch!"

J: "okay, let me tell you another joke:
A string walks into a bar. The bartender looks over and says 'we don't serve your kind here.' The string walks outside, ties himself up and unravels one end. He walks back into the bar. The bartender says 'hey, weren't you the string I just told to leave?' And the string says 'no, I'm a frayed knot!' "
Doodle: "and he says ouch! Hahahahahahaha!!!"

Sooo we're still working with her on grasping the context of the joke.

But her joke arsenal is growing. She's got the universal punchline of "Ouch!" down, and now the interrupting cow knock knock joke is her favorite. Only in the Doodle version it goes something like this:
Doodle: "Knock knock!"
Me: "Who's..."
Doodle (interrupting, of course) "Moo!!! AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Now I'm really not sure if I dare look for a kid joke book for her at the library on Tuesday. It could be really silly and fun, but could also involve a lot of laborious background explanation that takes all the funniness out of the jokes. We shall see.

In the mean time, anyone have more kid-appropriate jokes I can share with Doodle?

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Liv said...

When Sus was little, she used to make up her own jokes all the time. They never made sense, but she had so much fun thinking them up, and they always made her laugh like crazy... there were always monkeys in her jokes too. Hmmm....