14 January 2011

Homemade chocolate syrup

You guys! You have got to try this! Homemade chocolate syrup that is inexpensive and DIVINE. Oh my goodness. The recipe is here. Couldn't be easier.

We may have to make ice cream tonight just to have a substrate on which to consume more chocolate syrup. YUM.

Edited to add: I have a new favorite morning drink. Take one cup of coffee and stir in one spoonful of this syrup. Soooo good.


Karin said...


Dip your winter oranges in it.

We had fondue for new years again this year (I love that tradition). In searching for chocolate buggy could have, j just decided to make his own sauce. I dipped oranges in the leftovers.


Amber said...

Thank you! I made a similar version as a child when we would run out of the store bought variety but the vanilla in it sounds divine.