16 January 2011

Rushing the seasons

Blossoms of Winter

I am frustrated with how stores, the media, and even we ourselves rush ahead all the time, hardly taking the time to just BE in the season we are currently in. Before Halloween the stores are rushing us into winter and Christmas and buy buy buy, barely acknowledging Autumn in its warmth and beauty. We glamorize winter for Christmas, with icicle ornaments and pre-flocked trees with the illusion of snow, but by December 26th there are tulips and crocus at the grocery store wooing us with the promise of spring.

Why not enjoy winter for winter's sake, with the time to be cozy inside with soup and good company? What about the beauty of sunshine glittering on a snowy landscape, the crispness of the fresh cold air? It's early January and still very much winter outside. We have a long time to go before the crocus peek from their barely-thawed beds. We should enjoy the beauty of the season in that season rather than always longing for what is yet to come.

Today I urge you to enjoy winter for winter's sake, whatever that means where you are. I have a sick Roo dozing on my lap, so today I'll make some hot cocoa and cuddle my littles and enjoy a nice, slow day. Maybe in a couple days we'll blaze a new sled run in the yard. Whatever we do, I plan to help the kids find joy in winter now. Sure we'll enjoy spring when it's time. But now it's winter; let's enjoy it!


Amber said...

What a great post, thank you! I promise I will not fondle and seed catalogs thinking of spring tonight. Instead we'll light a fire and have hot cocoa. Thanks for the reminder to be in the moment of the season. Just stumbled on your blog today and am enjoying it.

gardenmama said...

I absolutely agree!
What a beautiful photo and banner!