06 October 2010

Photo booth

My new favorite feature at weddings is the photo booth.

J's sister had a photo booth at her wedding reception two years ago and it was a huge hit, so J's brother and sis-in-law had one at their wedding this past weekend. It was fun.

Doodle and the Ring Bearer.

They were best pals all night. Wherever one went, the other was close behind. Whenever he vanished, Doodle would run up and ask "Where's Aaron?" sounding all concerned. They were adorable together.
J & Hayley
The happy couple - J's brother & his wifeThe wedding was a blast. More photos to come.


Sha'Niqua said...

oh. my. god. so. adorable!
I love the one where you're kissing the kids and they're all like "uh- our parents are so dweeby."

matt said...

What a great idea! Whoever came up with that concept is brilliant. So much fun.