20 October 2010

Climbing at Mocanaqua

We went climbing a few weeks ago at Mocanaqua, a place about 2 hours away. Our friend E was trying out his new camera lens, so we got some good photos from the outing.

Dirty Doodle pretending to be angry. The bath was sooooo gross that night.

Dirty cute Roo.

That's the look J gives me when I'm nearing my wit's end with a frustrating crabby Doodle. This look says "Patience, love. She's only three." I get this look a lot.

Roo fading.

And whaddaya know? With enough climbers around to belay and play with children, even Mama can get on the rock. I just did one route, a 5.7, but it was good to climb nonetheless. Hopefully next season I'll get up even more, and maybe even start improving at this whole rock climbing thing.


Lindsey said...

Those first two photos need to be framed! Awesome light, cute kids. It's perfect.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful kids, beautiful family! I love dropping by your blog and getting to see all the fun adventures you guys are having! Miss you guys and hope you're well.