16 October 2010

Missing Utah

A note found in one of our many boxes. It's on our fridge where I look at it daily.

Some days are great. We go to a playgroup, hang out at the library, or stop by the farmers market and chat with "the Pork Man" (Doodle's name for him). State College feels comfortable, familiar.

Other days just feel off. I don't know where to go in town for kid shoes, a cast iron pan, how to find a babysitter, a dentist, a fillintheblank. I long for the familiar. I miss dropping by a friends' house and hanging out for hours or just a few minutes, having that already established relationship. I miss feeling comfortable in my own skin, feeling confident when I go to dance because I know the moves and I know my fellow dancers. I miss my small friends who I could invite over to entertain Doodle and who I could chat with, play with, and win over with homemade fruit leather. I miss their parents, and our conversations that ran the range from deep and philosophical to silly or strange. I miss people knowing me through academia, and not just because I'm Doodle-n-Roo's Mom. I miss talking science. I miss many things.

I know it'll get easier here, as we make more friends, more connections. It's just hard to start over in a new place, knowing the awesome wonderful people we miss so much are so far away.

I miss you too, Utah.

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Mom's Sewing Vault said...

We miss you, too! Your whole little family is like this warm fuzzy jolt of energy and goodness. :) You'll find your tribe. Hopefully long before you move away!