19 October 2010

More wedding pics

I've got a backlog of photos that I haven't posted, from the wedding/trip to California, and even before that. Here are some cute photos from J's brother's wedding a couple of weeks ago.

Doodle and Aaron, the ring bearer. Featured previously in their photo booth photos.

Action shot. This was about when Doodle started telling Aaron he was supposed to slow down and wait for her. She knew how to do the flower girl thing, and wasn't going to let a silly, too-fast-walking little boy mess it up. He slowed down and it all worked out fine.

Of course this was after she'd approached the seating area and did a kickass fist pump in the air as if she were saying "HELL YEAH I'M THE FLOWER GIRL!" This was followed by her grinning hugely and giving thumbs up to everyone as she walked about a third of the way down the aisle, too busy with the thumbs up to scatter petals.

She was later complimented by the bridesmaids for lightening the mood of the ceremony and being the best flower girl ever. I think she pretty much rocked too.

J's paternal side of the family. Cuteness all around.

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