28 October 2010

Crafting has resumed

Now that we're settling in and getting more comfortable in our daily routines, the crafting has resumed. I should say MY crafting has resumed, since it's been mostly me sewing things that I just must do right now. Example A: the curtain for the front door. Practical, nice to have, and pretty too. Doodle picked the button above from my meager button collection, and I think it's perfect.

Example B: patchwork skirt for Doodle. Something I hadn't tried yet, and I was itching to play with. After her initial disdain and refusal to wear it wore off, she now loves it. Thank goodness, otherwise I may very well have turned it into another curtain or some crazy patchwork pants for Roo.

Example C: Ah yes, the infamous polyester. I used a little bit of it to re-cover my sewing box forever ago, but still have an awful lot left. Doodle finally agreed to let me sew her a skirt out of this and she's been wearing it regularly. Hooray! Now I just need to finish the half-done matching funky skirt for me. Then we shall take the town by Bright Polyester Storm! Hmm, think I can get J to wear a shirt made out of this?

Example D: patchwork pillow cover. My own design, thankyouverymuch. It's nothing spectacular, but I finally got to use that pretty middle fabric, and gave new life to a kind of ugly, no longer exciting pillow that was laying around.

Flaps on the back so it can be easily removed for washing. Vital feature with small children around.

Example E: Doodle's leaf book. It's a different kind of science-crafting blend which we are loving right now. As this is her first fall in deciduous-tree-land, I decided we should collect different kinds of leaves and look at them. It has since become a fun goal to try and find new leaves, plus I'm enjoying trying to identify the trees they came from. (The oaks though... ugh. There are a lot here, and they hybridize. I still don't know what species of oaks are in our own yard and I've been fussing over it for weeks now.)
Also pictured: our felt leaf garland. I made it last year with felt scraps from the thrift store. I like it.

It's nice to be creating things again.

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Aneesa Bee said...

So fun to see the creative bug mama at work! I like the leaf collection idea! And I agree, the button is perfect.