30 September 2010

Bound for California!

Looking out the window at the pouring rain it's hard to believe that in ~13 hours we'll be in sunny, HOT, dry California. We're bound for the greater L.A./Orange County region for a few days of celebration. First up: J's brother's wedding. Doodle will be the flower girl with a fabulously twirly dress and, most importantly for my purple-loving diva, a beautiful purple bow. J is a groomsman and will be looking snazzy in his nice new suit. For Roo, a white button-up shirt, grayish pants and possibly a little vest if it's not too hot. For me a dress that's dressy enough to blend with my fabulous crew. I'm even planning to wear mascara. Yep, big deal. It's sure to be a big, fun bash and I'm looking forward to it.

After the wedding we'll have a mellow day, then J's grandma is hosting a birthday party for Roo. On the guest list: 40 people so far. Yes, 40. Including kids. Forecast: loudness and mayhem and lots of love all around. It'll be great.

I'll give a full report when we're back. Until then, I'm off to pack. Gotta get the swimsuits for the beach! :D

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