20 January 2010

Crafting like crazy.

I'm on a crafty kick. Being home with the kiddos all day is giving me the opportunity to think about craft projects I've had in the works for a while but haven't gotten to. I recently agreed to make the jewelry for my bellydance troupe's new costumes, which got me back into beading. While I was playing with those beads I pulled out what I already had, and found some near-complete projects that I just finished. Here they are:

I just got this pendant. Disassembled an old necklace I'd made and never worn, and used those beads for this. I love it.

Had these beads forever. Couldn't commit to a single color scheme. Finally I decided I'd rather wear them for a while then disassemble them and start over instead of just having the beads in my bead box forever. So ta-da! New earrings.

The big project - troupe jewelry. I made this necklace as the prototype, and will show my troupemates tonight. If they like it I'll make 8 more (plus earrings, not pictured) before March.

I'm also on a bit of a sewing kick, but it's still in the design stage. I have an idea for a quilt (full size!), a jumper for Doodle, birthday banners to give away/sell(?), and skirts for me.

One question for my crafty friends: what would you do with *cough*4 yards*cough* of this?

It's polyester, I think... the printed side is smooth and slippery, and the reverse is soft, almost fuzzy, and sticks to itself. Ideas other than a giant mumu? I'm thinking a full, flirty fluffy skirt, but don't know where to start. Help!


Kim said...

Love the beads! So pretty lady!! And as for the fabric...I think some awesome pants for Doodle are in order. Or a twirly skirt! You could make a swim suit cover-up for you or an awesome jumpsuit! ;)

matt said...

The necklaces and earrings are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the photos!