02 August 2009

Full-on nutty

The crazy preggy nesting hormones have kicked into high gear. I'm no longer content to merely obsess over dishes and vacuuming. The things that I am now fixating on are of the "if I don't clean it THIS MINUTE it won't happen in the next two years" variety. Which means that announcing "Hey J, I think I'm going to mop the kitchen this morning" really means moving all but the major appliances out of the kitchen, sweeping under the shelving, and mopping all of the linoleum in our house. Including behind the toilet (remember when I said that was nutty, and I wasn't THAT BAD, YET? It's happened. It's that bad.).

And when the sponge part on the mop starts falling apart ten minutes into the project, do I stop? Hell no. I am not to be deterred. I merely switch to scrubbing the floor on my hands and knees a la Cinderella. Okay, a 30-week-pregnant-and-totally-not-going-to-the-ball Cinderella, but still. It was crazy enough that J and Doodle stood in the doorway of the kitchen taking pictures of me.

At least I'm a happy nesting pregnant lady, right? RIGHT?!

Next on the list: pickling the box of cucumbers I insisted we buy at the Gardener's Market this weekend, followed by some apricot picking and canning/dehydrating later this week. Plus some reorganizing of tupperwares and canning jars, catching up on blogging, working on thesis chapters and maybe starting Xmas-related crafting (damn you, crafty blogs that have already started the holiday craftsiness tutorials!). Only ten weeks until the due date!!!


Doreen said...

Reading that just made me very, very tired. :p I never really got the nesting thing. Guess I missed out on the opportunity to get my house sparkling clean. haha

Doreen said...

BTW, you make a cute floor-scrubbing pregnant woman, lol.