31 August 2009

For Doodle

"Read me books, Mama.
All these."
She points to the pile.
We snuggle up, her head on my shoulder
her legs curved around my belly,
around her sibling.

We cuddle and read
book after book after book
with breaks for "what's that?"
"oh no, is he okay?"
My compassionate little bookworm.

I feel her drifting off to sleep
lulled by my voice
and my presence.
I'm glad I'm here now.
I have things to do,
lists upon lists of urgent projects
but right now, she needs me
and I need her.
We need this.

Soon she'll be a big sister
with big sister feelings
and a big sister portion of my time.
But right now, here,
we cuddle.

I know I'll love another
just as much as her.
I'll love watching her
embrace her new role: big sister.
It's just so hard to imagine.
Hard to think about
my divided attention,
my divided time.

I promise her I'll do my best
and kiss her sweet, sleepy head
as I settle in
and drift off to sleep with my Doodle.


Josh said...

This is beautiful, my love.

Mom's Sewing Vault said...

I think your whole family is beautiful! *sniff*

(Josh - were you hurt running the marathon? Quick recovery!)

Amy said...

That was the most precious and beautiful poem I have read in a long time. I'm in tears.

gardenmama said...

oh my gosh, such sweetness!
this post will certainly be something to look back to as your little one grows older : )

matt said...

You amaze me more every day. Cora and Doodle Numero Dos are extremely fortunate to have you and J as their parents.
You made me cry...in a good way