29 August 2009

The Belly

I seem to have officially crossed some pregnancy threshold: I'm huge. I say this not because I have passed a certain measurement or hit a wall of awkwardness. It's what others are saying. Comments have recently switched from the "aww, you're pregnant. How cute!" variety to the "Holy... wow. You're REALLY pregnant. Due soon?" variety.

Quick Public Service Announcement: As pregnant ladies we aware that we are pregnant. This is not news to us. Comments of the "oh, you look great" variety are always welcome. Comments tending toward "wow, you're huge" or "oh, poor thing... you must be miserable" are never welcome, at least not by me. If I want to bitch about pregnancy-related stuff, I will. But if I barely know you, chances are I'd rather stab myself in the eye with a spoon than receive your unwanted sympathy for how big I am and how uncomfortable I must be. Because really? I'm not that uncomfortable. Honest. Yes, there are actions that are difficult for me, namely putting on shoes or shaving my legs. So if you're offering to give me a pedicure or tie my shoe, your help would be welcome. But for the most part I feel really good, and don't want your damn sympathy thankyouverymuch.

(P.S. I am 34 weeks pregnant. That means I have somewhere between 3 and 8 weeks until this little one is born, probably somewhere around 6 weeks from now. So I'm not sure how making me feel ENORMOUS now will help the next six weeks pass easily and comfortably. Y'know?)

Alright, alright. Enough ranting. Tell me what you think. Here are a couple of photos Doodle and I took on a stroll up at Tony Grove Lake yesterday. Is this belly shock-worthy?

Self-portrait of the cuteness.

View from the front. Photo by Doodle.


What do you think?


Debi Fisk said...

OMG. You are pregnant!!! Did you know that?

Ok, so you look like you are getting close to your due date, but you don't look ready to pop or anything. I'd say the little one still needs to bake for a bit before he/she enters the outside world.

You look great, and happy. Glad to hear you are still active what with baby in belly and all that. And your daughter is adorable. Way to go!

Kim said...

I don't think you're terribly huge, although the last picture looks like you're bigger than the second to last one.
You are not huge, you are growing a HUMAN! (at least that's what we hope it is!! heehee!)
I think you look fantastic. Can't wait to meet this little sprite!

Amy said...

Ok, you look absolutely gorgeous. You are DEFINITELY the prettiest pregnant woman I have ever seen. And I feel the same way you do, we can make comments about ourselves but anybody else making them, HELLLOOOOOO?, that's just plain stupid! It was so good hanging out with you guys tonight.

matt said...

Just throw scientific terms like "gestation" (and other more complicated and Science-y phrases that you, Little Miss Science, would know), at the insensitive louts, and let them wallow in their ignorance.

Knotty Britta said...

So not fair that some people have such beautiful bellies while others...well...ugh.

You are adorable and I am trying and failing to not be jealous.