04 August 2009

Off the deep end

As a continuation of the nuttiness, I steam-cleaned our living room carpet yesterday. Thankfully J was willing to haul all of our crap out of said living room, and then haul it all back once the carpet was dry.

Only now we're reconfiguring our living room (and thus our office as well), so stuff is strewn EVERYWHERE. Ugh. It'll be great when everything has a home and the house is clean and free of clutter. Then our beautifully cleaned carpet will be visible and I will feel successful. In the meantime, though... blech.


Sha'Niqua said...

Wow, how did he get that huge couch outside by himself?!@?

Daktari said...

Sister, you got it bad.

Mama bee said...

Fortunately our awesome neighbors helped J move the couch. So no worries there.

D, I know. I know.