25 August 2009

due date stress, or lack thereof

If nearly everyone around me seems to be nervous on my behalf that I might give birth before my due date, does it make me foolish to not be nervous?

My rationale: I've planned as much as I can for alternate scenarios. I can't anticipate for certain when the baby will be born (somewhere in the 37-42 week window is my best guess. Not exactly something you can block out on the calendar as *the day*). Stressing about something that I can't control seems futile. Might as well just sit back and wait, right?

If the baby is born before I've taught all of the early-semester labs I'm scheduled to teach then we'll work something out. The prof in charge of the class and my fellow TA are both prepared for this.

If the baby is born before my bellydance show, they'll have to rework things without me. My fellow dancers know this.

If the baby is born while J is in Pennsylvania (I'll be 37 weeks), then I'll just have to do what I can. I have support I can call on.

It'll all work out. It may not be the easiest, best planned approach, but it'll work. Seems reasonable to me. Is there something I'm missing?


Amy said...

Ok, I have to ask, why are people freaking out? Will you do me a favor, and if you NEED ANYTHING, please call me. I know you have Joe and Lindsay, and the Strange's, but please, call me if you need anything.

Mama bee said...

Amy, I think people are just starting to realize for themselves that this whole me-giving-birth thing is really going to happen, and that it may affect their plans. So it's not necessarily freaking out, but definitely people finally realizing that it's going to happen soonish.

You're definitely on my list, my dear. Thanks for the offer.

Lindsey said...

Things will be fine; fine just may not look like you think it will. I suppose this is why some call pregnancy an adventure, if you didn't want this birth to be somewhat adventurous you would have already scheduled a time to go down and have a baby;)

The thing you need to worry about most right now is keeping yourself fed...and I need to go take some of my own advise.

Karin said...

I think our culture has latched onto a "due date" in the attempt to keep birth "under control". Every woman knows their due date and the baby darn well better show up on that date (or some other predetermined date). right? :-P

Birth is wild and unpredictable and you know that. It's okay to let it be that. Unfortunately, some of your nesting energy may be used to help others understand, but you needn't be obligated to do this.

It's not your job to reassure *others* about *your* birth.

The later i get in a pregnancy, I often retreat more and more into myself. I still want to get out of the house, but I don't really want to carry on small talk conversations with others. They are usually nervous for me and that does nothing for positive energy and helping me to get ready for birth...

Wishing you happy thoughts and good birthing vibes. :-)