25 May 2009

Oneida Narrows

Sunday we teamed up with friend B and headed up to the Oneida Narrows of the Bear River in Idaho. J and B wanted to get their kayaking legs back, and decided to start with this mellow stretch of river to get the hang of things again. We drove up through a big storm, downpouring with thunder and lightning. But the water looked nice, and the rain was letting up, so they went ahead and got on the river.

Doodle and I were shuttle crew, dropping them off and then leapfrogging with J and B as they proceeded down the river. We'd stop, wave and yell, watch them pass, then pile in the car and drive a little further. Doodle had fun watching her Papa boating and yelling hi to him. The weather got progressively better and was clear and warmish by the time they reached the takeout. Doodle even got to sit in the boat with J at the takeout for a couple minutes. If I get the chance, I'll take video of her interpretation of paddling a kayak - it's hilarious.

After the river run, we proceeded a few miles up Oneida Narrows Road to our favorite hotspring - Maple Grove. B had never been there so we were happy to take her on her inaugural visit to our not-too-far-away getaway. It was a wonderful day.

Scenery shot, looking upriver from a bridge. J and B are just barely visible rounding the bend.

There's J, happy as can be.

Doodle and Papa at the takeout. The water was about a foot deep here.

Doodle taking charge of paddling.

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