28 May 2009

OMG Awesome

Two new favorite recipes:

Rhubarb soda. Simple and so delicious.

Plain whole wheat bagels. A little bit of work, but fresh bagels are well worth it.

If you need me (and it's not teaching or thesising hours) I'll be in our kitchen making more of this yumminess.


Mom's Sewing Vault said...

I just ran across rhubarb soda on a blog recently. Can't remember which one, maybe we read the same ones!? ;)

I've tried pretzels, which are similar to bagels in that you boil them before baking. I found that they needed to be baked RIGHT after coming out of the water, or they were a total disaster. DId you find that as well? Tips for water-to-oven timing? Sally

Mama bee said...

Sally, I found the rhubarb soda on soulemama. I wouldn't be surprised if we read some of the same blogs.

These bagels didn't have much of a sogginess issue. I think the broiling before boiling step really helps to set up a bit of a crust, which makes them less likely to turn into goo. After boiling I let them sit on a wire rack while another batch was boiling. When they were all done in the water I popped them in the oven, and didn't have any problems.