11 May 2009

Mother's Day

Happy belated Mother's Day to all you Moms!

My Mother's Day was wonderful. J and Doodle presented me with a selection of photos that J had printed out of Doodle and I, hanging out and having fun. It was nice to see photos of me being a mom, and remember all the fun stuff that we've done the past couple of years. Then J made me a delicious, fatty breakfast of eggs with mushrooms and onions, toast, bacon AND sausages. Mmm, fatty. Exactly what I wanted. After breakfast we gathered up our gear and headed up to Maple Grove Hot Springs for a few hours in the sun and warm water, soaking and relaxing. I love it up there. It's just far enough away that it feels like a getaway without it being a big deal to just go up for the afternoon. Plus it's beautiful and Doodle loves all the swimming and splashing.

(If you haven't been up to Maple Grove, you should totally go. Heck, tell me you want to go up there and I'll take you!)

We hung out for a few hours at Maple Grove in the warm spring/summer air, enjoying the pools and the wildlife (mostly bees, aquatic insects and territorial hummingbirds). We came home tired, hungry and sunburned, but loved it.

Thanks J and Doodle for a wonderful Mother's Day. I love you!

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matt said...

Glad you had a special Mom's Day there. Wishing there was a place like Maple Grove near here. Talk to you soon.