19 May 2009

My aching legs

The past few days have been very busy. I've been active, and now my leg muscles are on the brink of mutiny. I think the activity is good (I've been having fun), but wow am I sore. Here's an account of the past few days, from the perspective of my quadriceps muscles:
  • Saturday: five (yes FIVE) hours of bellydance workshop. Lots and lots of shimmying, which means sore quads. Drove to City of Rocks in the evening.
  • Sunday: woke up feeling stiff. Spent the day hiking around, plus one leg-intensive climb. Legs still sore.
  • Monday: Scrambled up to rock outcroppings in Logan Canyon to help a friend catch bees at an endangered primrose. Lots of hill climbing. Legs? A bit more sore.
  • Tuesday: Biked to campus to pick up minibus for field trip. Hiked around for nearly two hours looking for fungi on a hillside. Holy sore legs, batman!
Either I was incredibly inactive this winter and my muscles have gotten used to being lazy (a possibility) or I've just started doing too much physical stuff day after day after day lately. Doesn't matter. What does matter is that my legs are really stinkin' sore, and I may declare tomorrow a minimal-leg-use day.

At least the bike ride home from campus is all downhill.


Amy said...

I have to say, I think you are in great shape and that 5 hours of belly dancing is what did us all in!! I"m just barely starting to get the soreness gone from my legs today!

brooke said...

that sounds like a lot k. i seriously don't think it had anything to do with you being inactive this winter. :)

now me on the other hand... j asked if i wanted to go to the climbing gym on friday, which i agreed too. i'll be sore after just a couple of climbs.... but i was inactive all fall AND winter long. :) oh - and no, i don't bike up that hill.. i take the bus up and then ride down..