11 May 2009

Bellypics, 18 weeks

When I was pregnant with Doodle, J and I were really good about taking photos to chronicle my belly growth during pregnancy. This time around, shockingly enough, we've been kind of busy and hadn't gotten around to it. Finally the stars aligned, and we took the first bellypics on Friday, just shy of 18 weeks pregnant. Below are the results. The jeans I'm wearing: two sizes larger than my pre-preg jeans. Weight gain so far: 10 lbs.

I'll try to be more consistent with the bellypics from here on out.


Aaron said...

Ok Kristal, you so don't look like you are pregnant! I"m glad you had a nice mother's day. You are a gorgeous woman.

Aaron said...

Just in case this next comment has Aaron's name in front of it too, it is really Amy making both that one and this one. My husband really isn't a perv!

Amy said...

If she's going to post under my name I'm going to post under hers!
I'm just glad she at least noticed the name on the post AFTER it posted... it could have made for some awkward moments around the office.
-Aaron (not Amy)

Josh said...

A snapshot in time may not give the impression of pregnancy at this stage to an untrained eye, and my failure to properly document the pre-knocked-up state doesn't help, but the belly is growing, and faster than last time... Let this be a not-quite-base baseline.
And she is gorgeous, regardless of who is typing and who is looking.