12 December 2008

Two years ago...

...I was immensely pregnant. I had taken my only final exam the day before. My mom and brother were coming to town in anticipation of The Birth. We figured they would be here for a while, killing time and watching me for any indication of an emerging baby.

Two years ago today J and I went to SLC to pick up my mom and brother, then ran a bunch of errands while in the big city. We returned to Logan around 6pm, made dinner, played with our snake, I made my birth necklace and we went to bed around 11:30pm.

A couple hours later I was in labor.

Tomorrow Miss Doodle turns two years old. Man, what a ride it has been.


Kim said...

It's amazing how these little ones can change our lives in an instant.
Happy birthday cute doodle!!

Amy said...

She has turned into such an amazing, beautiful little girl. Happy Birthday Doodle!