14 December 2008

Final exam answers

Last week I graded the essay questions on the HumanPhys finals. I found a couple of responses really funny, and wanted to share.

A prompt looking for the answers of "prostate gland" and "trans-urethral resection of the prostate" got this response from one student (note the term for removal):
"Prostate gland produces much seminal fluid & the removal of it is called prosthesis."
Oh. So when someone tells me about their grandma's prosthesis... whoa. Never mind.

A question about the most effective form of male contraception (answer: vasectomy) got these responses from students:
"Castration by removing the testicles is most effective."
Well, yes, but there are less drastic measures.


"The _most_ effective contraception is Abstinence from intercourse. This is done by never engaging the male reproductive system in any way."
In any way? At all? What does it really mean to "engage" the reproductive system anyhow?

Next semester I'm back to GenBio, so I'm sure to have some fun anecdotes to share from my young, naïve, unhappy-to-be-there students in the months to come.

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Amy said...

Aaron told me about the conversation you had while he was trying to write his paper and you were grading. He said you guys kept each other entertained! I have to say that when he mentioned the best form of birth control, me, having the typical mormon answer said "abstinence"! I personally found it hilarious that that was my answer.