01 December 2008

Home again, home again, jiggity jig

We're back. The trip went well. We're tired, the house is a mess and none of us are ready to get back to the grind...but we're here at least.

We made home (finally) at ~8:30 last night. We had initially planned on returning Saturday but the temptation of a Chinese dinner cooked by J's dad was too much, so we stayed in SoCal until Saturday morning. We then drove approx. half way to Cedar Pockets campground in the Virgin River area to camp, finishing our drive on Sunday with another six hours on the road plus stops for food (and REI).

Things I learned on this trip:
  • I really dislike smoke-filled casinos in Nevada.
  • I still have no urge to try my hand at gambling.
  • Doodle loves hot tubs, and really has fun with the family members playing therein.
  • It's bad to wake the napping toddler to try and take wedding family photos.
  • Doodle is still wary of family members who do not consider her personal space.
  • Joshua trees are really dang cool.
  • The desert smells amazing during and after a rain.
  • Doodle loves climbing on rocks.
  • Doodle gets really excited about things like birds, lichens and puddles. Yay!
  • It takes Doodle a much shorter time to warm up to people than it used to. I like this.
  • Doodle loves Grandma S's cookies, and will pitch royal fits in attempts to get them.
  • It's really fun to go to the big Asian Supermarket. It was a cultural experience.
  • Jack fruit are really big and pretty expensive, and I have no idea what they taste like (seen at the above market).
  • Doodle loves babies, and really enjoyed hugging and interacting with her little cousin.
  • Doodle can cut a tooth (a canine at that!) without being overwhelmingly fussy for days on end!
  • If you promise a toddler a burger and she rejects any offer of said burger in the restaurant, be prepared for a royal hissy fit when you get back to the car and there is no burger in sight.
  • An iPod with videos is a must-have for long drives with a toddler.
  • I enjoy traveling with my family, but home is nice too.
Photos will follow when I manage to find the camera and the time.


Amy said...

It sounds like you guys had a busy, but good time.

Knotty Britta said...

Oh yes an iPod is a must. How did our parents do it? I remember fighting with my brothers and getting yelled at. Technology can be nice.

I also have never cared for gambling. I tried once and it was just so dumb.

Kaia is the same way with her personal space. Taiten never was. It's funny how they can be so different.

I miss the different markets from when we lived in California. No other place has ever been like there.

Kaia is also insane about babies, and Taiten never was. Maybe it's a girl thing.

We also LOVE REI. We go there often.

I love the one about the burger. Taiten does the exact same thing.