18 December 2008

Crazy chicken lady

I worry that these stints of chicken-sitting for J's advisor are going to turn me, slowly but surely, into a crazy chicken lady. That I'll wake up at age 63 with 20+ chickens, all named. That this urge I have to pick them up and pet their fluffy feathers while they make tentative "brrruuuuuck" sounds is not normal. Is it?

Please, friends. Let me know if I need a chicken intervention before it's too late and our kitchen is all done up in chicken motif.

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Sheila said...

You know, I looked at a folk-artsy wall art with chickens on it at "mypetchicken.com", let's see, where is that link - here it is http://www.mypetchicken.com/FINAL_CLEARANCE-Farm_Scene_Wood_Wall_Plaque-P309.aspx

and I thought to myself - WHAT AM I DOING?? haha! but then, I AM living out in the country - and out of my 16 chickens, only 2 are named.

I like your blog. Have a fantastic holiday!