11 December 2008


It is important to remember: You must have something to start with before you can improve on it.

This is a reminder to myself as I continue choreographing my first all-by-myself choreographed duet, and as I start the Great Thesis-Writing Spree of '08.


Sha'Niqua said...

It's always good to start with a coined hip scarf or two - It works well for both things, actually!

Daktari said...

I recall when I was in architecture school, I pulled out a clean piece of drawing paper, placed it on my drawing table, taped it down, and then the professor came by. He took one look at the clean, crisp paper and gave me the worst advice imaginable. He said, "Don't screw it up".

As crass as this sounds, I firmly believe in the "vomit" approach to writing. Your only objective when faced with a clean, crisp sheet of paper is to mess it up. Get it all out. All of it. Fast. Expel it. It will be ugly, but everything will be in the mix.

Then go back and craft your masterpiece. Pick out the best elements and leave the rest behind.

It's worked for me for years.