28 August 2008

Trapped. Or, why colds suck.

I am currently being held prisoner. A certain 20 month old has decided that she must nurse the *entire* time she naps, or the nap will cease. So I'm stuck on the couch, grateful for my laptop and wondering if I should take the chance of waking her to get some food.

At least she's sleeping. Last night a thoroughly congested Doodle woke up at 2:15 AM and started requesting "book. Book. BOOK!" until she and I retreated to the living room to read. Three hours later she was finally fading so we went back to bed for a couple of hours. I know she's not feeling well. She nursed ALL. NIGHT. LONG. Well, except for that marathon reading session.

I will be so glad when Doodle is feeling better and our sleep schedules can return to normal. Then I'll be able to pig out, errr, I mean clean, to my heart's content while she naps. Hopefully soon.

Meanwhile I'll use this time wisely - to catch up on my blog reading. :-)

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